Big Plans For Our Little Ethical African Clothing Project in 2021

Big Plans For Our Little Ethical African Clothing Project in 2021

Happy New Year Everyone.

For 8 years now, we have been bringing you awesome ethical African clothing, with a purpose! We have always aimed to be more than just a clothing brand, we want to help improve the lives of every single person we work with, and we want to be a symbol of what good the fashion industry can do, if done right.

In 2020 we went from a being a small scale enterprise, selling out of our shop in Reading and online to a booming business, selling hundreds, sometimes thousands of things online every single month. This took an immense effort on our end both in the UK and Gambia. We even closed the shop, not due to us closing down, the opposite. The shop became an unnecessary expense. Of course we have all of you to thank as well, the way in which our supporters have resonated with our story in 2020 has simply been amazing. So thank you, and let us tell you about some huge plans we have in 2021.

More Customers = More Tailors

For the first time since the company started, we will be moving out to The Gambia on a permanent basis ,at the start of 2021. Our tribe keeps growing and growing, our current team of tailors are struggling to keep up with the sales! This is fantastic news, because it means that we can search Gambia, once again for the very best in tailoring talent living in impoverished communities. They will join our current team to make the brand new collection. Our development program will them help nurture their skills and develop their talent, until eventually they become completely financially independent. 

Annmarie, and Fatou and her team

We will be bringing you more African fabrics than ever!

In 2021 we will be investing into some awesome fabrics. We want to represent the whole continent in our streetwear and bring African culture to the World.

Fabric Shopping In Serrekunda  

New program to nurture and develop creative talent in The Gambia

We are starting a brand new development program, specifically for emerging creative talent in The Gambia, this will include, Gambian photographers, dancers, web developers, graphic designers, and other types of creatives!

We have developed tailoring talent, with great success for years. It is now time to start passing on the skills we have to other communities in The Gambia. We are incredibly excited about this and cannot wait to start working with young and upcoming creatives.

Adama, our Gambian manager 

Huge new collection to come in early spring

We bring out collections all the time, its just the way we work, there are so many fabrics, that we just want to bring you them all. This collection will be different, we will be taking what you thought possible with African print to the limit, bringing you the very best in African streetwear and formal wear!

African Print Military Trench Coat 

New environmental projects

 We have always taken the environment seriously. Last year we introduced recycled packaging, that is fully biodegradable, and we offset all of our carbon emissions too. We can however do more, we all can. In 2021 we will be helping to set up a new environmental project based in The Gambia, Growing Green Communities. Through community engagement projects, this will aim to remove waste from the natural environment, and communities, and turn that waste into product for sale, with proceeds being invested into development projects in the country. We also aim to promote environmentally minded people, businesses and communities.

Watch this space, some very cool things to come.

Growing Green Communities

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Our clothing doesnt cost the earth, and it provides a chance at a future as bright as the clothing itself for some of its poorest citizens. Learn more about our social projects on our blog.

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