African Clothing Photography

African Clothing Photography

African prints are vibrant and colourful, their patterns are so hard to capture perfectly. From the glittering gold Ankara we use for many of our bomber jackets, to the electric Samakaka in all its colours, the vibrancy and bold prints have soul in abundance, and portraying that soul has always been a massive challenge for us.

The first few years of the business we simply did it ourselves, and at the time we did really like the shots, looking back now, they were just ok. A quick note for anyone who is starting, or thinking about starting their own online product based business, our advice to you, GET THE PHOTOGRAPHY RIGHT. Wether you do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you, you must get it right. It really does make a huge difference. Check out our own picture below, then compare it to our photographers and you'll see the difference instantly.

African Winter Parka's Unisex

We have been truly blessed this year to find 2 incredible photographers, that we will be working with for a long long time to come. Both of them bring our products to life in a way that is simply beyond our capabilities, they make our clothing look to the world, the way we always wanted our clothing to be seen. 

Alex 'Sunshine Soul' Douglas

African Clothing Photographer: Alex Sunshine

Alex loves being on both sides of the camera!

Alex is a fantastic photographer based in Reading UK. She is a master of all trades from family shots, to portraits, to food and of course fashion, like her name suggests, all with a SOUL! 

Sunshine specialises in studio shoots, using awesome coloured backdrops to match (or clash) with our bold a bright clothing. There is always a sense of fun with her shoots, with the models always smiling and music playing. This is 100% transfers into her fun and funky shots. Check out some of our favs below.

 African Clothing: Samakaka Jacket and Facemask

This is probably our fav ever shot! We know its in black & white, but somehow Alex has the vibrancy and boldness of this amazing Angolan print!

African Clothing: Patchwork Dungarees.    African Clothing: Patchwork Dungarees

These shots are what Alex is all about! there is so much warm, fun, heart, and soul in these shots, we love it!

African Clothing: Matching African Bomber jackets

This shot is fantastic. Not only does Alex capture the bold mud cloth print beautifully, she manages to show the love between a father and son! Big shout to to Lyric for modelling our kids bombers (Alex's son) .

African Clothing: African Dress In Electric Samakaka.     African Clothing: African Dress In Electric Samakaka

Samakaka is one of our all time favourite prints. The bold patterns and bright colours lends itself so well to our streetwear. Alex shows it off perfectly, the red background clashes with the pink fabric, but we love it! 

African Clothing: African Styles

just look at those colours!


Paula 'Berry Photography'

Paula is a diamond! She's a woman of many talents, including several types of photography, modelling, and piercing. She's our outdoor photographer and has braved the cold lately. Thanks so much for this year

Check out our favourite shots from @paulaberryphoto right here, and go to her profile to see even more.

African Clothing: Kente Winter Trench Coat

Paula is amazing highlighting the beautiful African prints. Somehow she manages to make the fabrics pop and standout perfectly. 

African Clothing: African Dress In Mud Cloth       African Clothing: African Dress In Red Dashiki

Paula always manages to shoot the products in urban backgrounds, while making the product the star! 

African Clothing: Patchwork Winter Jacket

Patchwork is such a fun way of using African print, and it helps us minimize our wastage too. Shooting patchwork brings a whole new set of challenges to the photography as there are so many prints to try and highlight! Paula always does an amazing job at getting every single one of the prints to sing.

African Clothing: Mud Cloth Winter Parka 

African Clothing: Patchwork Parka  African Clothing: African Winter Parka In Mud Cloth

This Winter Paula has had to brave the cold on many occasions. The models often get out coats, so they are ok 😆. She is a very careful photographer, who works very hard on the poses the models use to make the clothing look the best it can be.

Thanks for reading. Check out their photography on social media, they both do much much more than fashion shoots!

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