Our Impact

We are more than just a clothing brand...We are a brand with a purpose...That purpose is to initiate economic development through African fashion, the only way we know how... colourfully! We want to show that if you pay someone a fair wage, and provide steady, long term employment, they will thrive, no matter where they are from.
Taking The Gambia Global!

How do we do it?

ethical clothing stories: fatou and annmarie

We create long lasting, full time Employment opportunities 

Since 2103, 46 Tailors Have Been Employed
All of our tailors are formerly financially vulnerable people

80% Of Our Tailors Have Been With Us For 5 Years
And 50% since the beginning

Over 25000 Articles Of Clothing Have Been Made
And we have used over 1000 awesome African prints to date
African clothing stories, Adama and Hamed

We Pay Good Wages to Everyone!

All Our Tailors Are Paid At Least 5 Times Their Previous Salaries
Some earn much more!

100% Paid By Money Transfer
Tailors are paid a minimum amount, and then also get paid per item. The harder they work, the more they make

Our Investments Go A Long Way
Money earned through Continent Clothing helps pay for school fees, food for their families, rent, family healthcare, and even builind family compounds.
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We Invest In Workforce Development!

We Nurture & Develop Talent
We make sure every tailor has the training they need in order to thrive. Mistakes do happen, but they are given the time and space to learn.

We Encourage The Next Generation
Every tailor is given the resources they need in order to employ apprentices to both help them, and teach them!

100% Of Our Tailor Say Their Skills Have Improved
85% can now speak very good English, compared to less than 50% just 5 years ago.
Adama & Fatou

We Encourage Transfer Of Skills & Knowledge!

Creative Development Programe
Our aim is to transfer our creative skills to the young Gambian creatives, to hopefully put Gambian creativity on the map!

Managerial Skills
We have been with Adama, our Gambian manager for 8 years now, he has gone from a shy young man to an absolute boss, who manages the tailors amazingly.

Organisational Skills
Anyone who has been to West Africa will agree, it's an organisational chaos. We make sure to hold regular meetings to install a sense of professionalism and orgnaisation.

100% Of Our Tailors Say Their Skills Have Improved...100% Say They Are Happy...100% Are Better Off Financially!!!

Now Thats Something To Smile About!

We have achieved a lot, and helped lots of people out, but this is just the start of our journey. We want to have a positive impact on even more people's lives, and we will continue adding tailors, fabric merchants, and creatives to our team!

Follow our blog for current news and details of our future plans

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We love what we do and whom we work with. There is a story behind every product, and you deserve to know that story. That's why on every product page, you can see who made it, where they are from, and how working with Continent Clothing has helped them!

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