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Africa has the most diverse array of fabrics you'll find just about anywhere. Each reigon has its own style and colours. In our collections you'll find fabrics from all over the continent. The wildest, the boldest, and the most vibrant fabrics on the continent that is.
African hoodie and african bomber jacket in kente
We Only Us The very Best Traditional Materials
We care about the fabrics we use, where we sourced them, and who we bought them from. In our collections you will only find fabircs bought in Africa, from African's. Follow our blog to read about us fabric shopping...its our favourite but of running Continent Clothing.

Patchwork Clothing

All our patchwork is made from recycled offcuts from our normal collection. This makes them not only the most colourful designs we have, but also the most eco-freindly!

African hoodie and african bomber jacket in kente
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We wanted to capture the heart and soul of urban Africa with every design in this new collection. We sought the wildest fabrics from across the continent, we employed Gambian tailors to produce it, and It was shot on the streets of Gambia ,by Gambian photogaphers. Now you can wear the African spirit wherever you go. Lean More 
African bomber jacket
we Work Hard To Bring You The Best Designs
We work hard to bring you new designs...all the time! Did you know that every tailoring shop makes 1 design, that means that every time we bring out a new design, we employ another Gambian tailor to make it. ..Now that's something to smile about Learn More 

Men's Matching Sets

Make a statment and get a matching set! These African suits will put a smile on your face, wherever you go. You won't get more colourful, you won't get more wild than our matcing sets!