Our Top 8 African Jackets & Coats This Spring

Our Top 8 African Jackets & Coats This Spring

The African Spirit collection has landed. We designed this collection to capture the heart and soul of urban African within each and every design. It features the very best and funkiest African prints we have ever had, in our classic streetwear designs! Check out our favourite African jackets & coats of the new season!

African Jacket In Orange Ankara Print

This electric orange print is amazing! It evokes colourful African memories with every inch of its optical illusion print!

African Jackets In Blue Kente / African Clothing Made In Gambia

Kente is one of our favourite prints to use. Originating from Ghana's royal past, this print has become one of the most famous African fabrics. We use all the colours and we use them in all our designs! There is no better way of showing your African spirit than with Kente.

 African Jacket In Blue Kente / African Hoodie African hoodie in Blue Kente / Festival Jacket made in Africa


African Clothing / Festival Coat, African Trench Coat Made In Africa

 African Jackets / Bomber Jacket and Hoodie In Multicoloured Print

 We have been using this print for years! And we love it. Anything made from this print makes you go WOW... hence the name! These jackets may be one of the most colourful designs, but they are also the easiest to wear.

African Hoodie In Red Samakaka/ African Jacket Made In Africa

 I remember using Samakaka print when i first started Continent Clothing all those years ago, It was probably the first print i fell in love with, and i am still in love today. The electric colours and bold prints make the Angolan Samakaka an all time classic! These hooded jackets will blow your mind with their colours and comfort!

African Bomber Jackets In Gold, kente, and Patchwork

Our bomber jackets are our all time most popular products, we are famous for them. This Spring express yourself in one of our amazing bombers, available in over 100 awesome prints! 

African Festival Jacket In Red Yellow Print / African Clothing Made In Africa           African Summer Parka Made In Africa / African Clothing

These beautiful jackets are made from a brand new print in our collection. The bold patterns and vivid colours put it straight onto our favourites list.

African Summer Puffer Jacket Handmade In The Gambia

 That's it, our list of our favourite African jackets this Spring! We hope you liked it, and just know...there is plenty more amazing designs to come!

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