This Is Our Story!

It all started with a pair of trousers...They looked like Africa feels: sunny, alive, wild, vibrant with colour. And they were ridiculously comfy.

I wore them all the time, everywhere – at home, Uni, parties, slobbing out, in the park, on the beach. (I saved a lot of money on trousers). People kept asking where I got them. You can see where this is going, can’t you?
Lucas Barrow-Townsend

Founder/Lead Designer at Continent Clothing

Continent Clothing founder Lucas

We started out To Make A Bit Of 'Fish Money' For The Locals

It's Become So Much More!

Now we aim for our tailors to become completeltey financially independant

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We Design The Clothes

We Bring The Tailors Our Designs
We design everything in-house in the Gambia. Then take our designs to the tailors for sampling.

Working With Them For Perfection
We work with the tailors to produce the samples. Sometimes it takes up to 10 samples before we are ready to produce.

New Designs = More opportunities
Every tailoring shop makes 1 design. This means every time we launch a new design, there's new employment opportunities.
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They Make Them

Every Single Design Is Made In the Gambia
By our team of expert tailors

Tailors Are Paid A Good Fair Wage For Their Work
All our tailors receive a minimum amount and they are paid per item. This equates to a at least of 3 times the average wage for every tailor.

It's Not Charity... It's Work...Well Paid Work
Our tailors are paid what their work is actually worth! That makes a big difference!
African bomber jackets, Festival bomber jackets in gold

You Wear Them

Our Designs Can Be Seen In Over 80 Countries
It's amazing how many people can benefit from the production of our clothing! Including apprentices, there are over 40 tailors in our team.

At Festivals Around The World
We have taken the festival fashion world by storm! Our stall can be seen at festivals across the UK, and our clothing can be seen at festivals around the world!
African bomber jacket

They Have A Chance At A brighter Future!

Their Children Get Educated
100% of our tailors children attend school!

Their Families Get Food
We know it sounds strange, but lots of Gambians face food insecurity! Our tailors and fabric merchants no longer face this problem.

We Create A Platform To Financial Independence
Money earned through Continent Clothing helps pay for so much. 2 tailors have even successfully built family compounds!

Some Of Our Happy Customers Over The Years!

locals at Sukuta market
Gambia Is Poor, Even For Sub Saharan Standards!
For an average Gambian, the price of a cup of coffee in London would be good ‘fish money’ for a family compound with perhaps a dozen or so people living in it.
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It's Also full of joy, colour, and love
Continent Clothing wants to boost the local economy and make a direct, immediate, and sustainable impact. Stylishly.

Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good!

Our clothing doesnt cost the earth, and it provides a chance at a future as bright as our clothing for some of its poorest citizens. Learn more about our social projects on our blog.

Rephrase your main value proposition

We love what we do and whom we work with. There is a story behind every product, and you deserve to know that story. That's why on every product page, you can see who made it, where they are from, and how working with Continent Clothing has helped them!

Meet The Makers

Shop Some Of Our Favourite Collections Here!

African Summer Parka In Black & Yellow
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Mens Clothing

festival suit in gold African print

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African bomber jacket in patchwork and festival jacket in kente
Summer Jacket

Summer Jackets

African Hoodie in electric red samakaka

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