Thank You

Thank You

Thank You To All Of You Who Have Supported Us During This Time 

My name is Lucas Barrow-Townsend. I am the owner, founder and lead designer of Continent Clothing. I want to personally thank you for all your support during this time.

The world has changed in the 1st half of this year... for everyone. Covid-19 has affected all of us in one way or another, I hope you and all of your families are safe and well.

Africa is the continent least affected by Covid-19 in terms of numbers. It could easily end up being the continent with the biggest economic and social impact. Millions of already vulnerable people could be plummeted back into abject poverty after only recently coming out of that category. It pains me to know this. I am no policy maker with the ability to change this. What I will do is work as hard as I possibly can for all the people and their families who rely on Continent Clothing for their daily income. 

Every tailor, fabric seller, button maker, artist and every other person who works with us has come to me to thank the customers who have continued to purchase, and support us during this time. 

I am so proud that during this time we have managed to keep the tailors in full time employment (whilst social distancing of course). Fabric sellers have been delivering beautiful African Prints to all our tailors too. We have even been able to keep Saikou, our driver in full time work by turning his taxi into a van.

This is really down to you, our customers. You have been amazing, supporting us and other ethical businesses like us. I am only hearing positive things from other small business owners too. 

Thank You From Everyone at Continent Clothing

Stay Safe 

Lucas Barrow-Townsend

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Our clothing doesnt cost the earth, and it provides a chance at a future as bright as the clothing itself for some of its poorest citizens. Learn more about our social projects on our blog.

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