Our Top 8 African Dress Styles 2020

Our Top 8 African Dress Styles 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. The only thing we know how to do to cheer up the mood, is brighten up all of your wardrobes! That will surely put smiles back on those faces! Here we are sharing with you our top 8 African dress styles from this year. This list has been are tough one to create, this year we have had over 150 different styles and colours come through.

African Dress In Patchwork

1st on our list is the incredibly colourful patchwork dress. This dress is made from over 30 different African prints, all recycled from our standard collection. This colourful classic is a summer favourite for our customers.

African Dress In Earthy Tones Mud Cloth, originating from Mali, West Africa.            African Dress / African Shirt Dress in Mud Cloth

These two Mud Cloth dresses are 2nd and 3rd on our list. We love using the very best traditional materials, turning them into our streetwear classics. We were blown away by the response that Mud Cloth got and it will now be a fabric we constantly use!

African Dress / African Maxi Dress in Amazing Kente.           African Dress / African maxi Dress In Amazing Kente

At number 4 we have one of our favourite dresses... EVER. This African maxi dress in beautiful Kente works perfectly for any occasion. The colours and pattern make it incredible as a streetwear dress and the cut and style lets it look equally as good as an evening or prom dress!

African Dress In Electric Red Samakaka / African Maxi Dress

Samakaka is an infamous print originating in Angola. It has geometric comparable to Mud Cloth, but unlike Mud Cloth its smacks you in the face with its awesomely vivid colours too! At number 5 we have this beautiful Samakaka maxi dress! We are sure you'll agree, it deserves a space on this list.

African Dress In Earthy Tones Mud Cloth.         African Dress In Red Dashiki

At 6 and 7 we have these two beautiful shirt dresses. These are for sure fan favourites with their simple styles that can be easily dressed up, or dressed down.

African Shirt Dress In Blue Kente

Last on our list is this beautiful blue Kente shirt dress. When this came online in mid June you guys went crazy for it. We actually sold out of this dress in only 4 days. Luckily, we have found the same fabric and more is coming real soon.

We hope you enjoyed this list. More like this will be posted soon 😄


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