African Clothing Stories: Investing In Gambian Creativity

African Clothing Stories: Investing In Gambian Creativity

Gambia has talent! It always has, but now that talent is being given a platform to show itself to the world. 15 years ago when i first started coming to The Gambia, mobile phones were a luxury, the internet was only available in a few selected restaurants, and even then it was very slow. Now however everyone has phones, and most have smart phones, enabling them to connect to the internet, without the need of wired internet infrastructure, like we have in The UK. This has over the last few years sparked a boom in Gambian creativity!

We're trying to find, nurture, and invest in as much of that creativity as we can. Having a Gambian based brand, gives us the unique opportunity to give up and coming creatives the chance to strut their stuff on the UK and global scene. 

This week we have been working closely with an amazing young man, Mohamed, who goes by the name BItzPhotography! He has style, he is proud of where he is from, and he loves to take photos. Check out the samples of his first shoot below! 

African Clothing / African print jackets in Blue kente

Bitz has done exactly what we asked for! To capture the Gambia as much as he captures the clothing! Our photographers in the UK are incredible, but they cannot capture urban Gambian like a true Gambian born!

African Clothing / Patchwork Jacket

Our patchwork hoodies are one of the most popular products and look right at home in Bitz's shots!

Over the coming months we will be trying to find web and graphic designers, more photographers, and anyone else doing creative things on the smiling coast, to give them well paid full time employment opportunities, just as we do for our tailors and fabric merchants. 

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