New Trends In African Clothing

New Trends In African Clothing

When we first launched in 2012, African clothing, here in the UK anyway was relatively unknown, especially in everyday wear. There were a select few brands and individuals who produced beautiful attire for an incredibly niche selection of customers at events across London and the UK. All of us, who were there then, helped make African clothing known and popular, we showed people the incredible designs that could be made using the funky and vivid African prints. We showed people you could wear African...everyday!

Fashion flows like a river, it is constantly changing direction and speed. African fashion has exploded recently, and these are the new trends for you to look out for.

1. Be Bold & Try Mixing Prints

We like to call this 'fabric clash', clashing fabrics in such a way that they actually look fab together, and we love it! Its not for the faint hearted, but if you get this unique style right, you'll be turning heads, for the right reasons!

African Parka with African Boiler Suit


African Patchwork Jacket and Skirt Made in Africa

2. Dashiki 

The Dashiki has been around for years, this is one trend that is not going anywhere. Dashiki actually simply means T Shirt or loose fitting shirt. In recent years Dashiki has become known for the fabric that is commonly used to make them. This fabric is actually call Angelina, and we use it in everything. Keep Your eye out for even more 'Dashiki' collections next year.

See our Dashiki collection right here.

Dashiki Jackets / Continent Clothing

3. African Winter Wear

We think we are a leader in African winter wear. Our African clothing collection includes hundreds of different jackets & coats, for all shapes, sizes, and styles. Check out this awesome patchwork parka, made with extra warm wool lining, perfect for winter. What makes our winter wear unique, is that we stick to our philosophy of all African print garments. Many other brands simply use African print in the lining for their winter collections. See loads of our African winter jackets & coats here.

African Patchwork Jacket / Winter Jacket.      African Coat In Black / Trench Coat

4. Streetwear African Dresses 

In the past, Women's African clothing brands have focussed on fancy dresses for weddings, or dinner parties. The last couple of years have seen the rise of the casual dress, ones that anybody can wear, anytime. Just like the rest of our clothing collection, we focus on casual and streetwear classics.

Check Out Our African Dresses Here

African Dress In Kente / Maxi Dress Made In Africa / Continent Clothing.             African Dress in Purple Ankara / Continent Clothing

5. Denim

In recent years African Print has been used beautifully in many denim collections. Check out this beautiful denim jacket from Welcome To The Tribe. The use of African artwork makes this jacket standout from the crowd!

Welcome To The Tribe African Denim Jacket

6. Accessorise! 

 If your new to African fashion then accessories are the place to start. They are the easiest way to add flashes of colour to your style. And those of you are experienced in Africanization, make a statement with your accessories. 

Check out our accessories collection here

African Outfit With African Ebony Necklace

7. Workwear

 The rise of African clothing in the workplace over the last 2 years has been amazing. We ourselves have so many customers rock their prints to work. From shirts and waistcoats to skirts and blouses. Nowadays you can get anything in African print!

African Waistcoat in Green Ankara print.        African print waistcoat in orange kente

There you have it. 7 top trends for you to play around with. Get creative, be bold and wear colour and culture!

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