Our Top 8 African Jackets & Coats Of 2020

Our Top 8 African Jackets & Coats Of 2020

Our African Jackets & Coats top 8 list was the hardest to create. We just make so many different styles, in over 150 awesome African prints, from all over Africa. We have become known for our eccentric streetwear designs, that can now be found all over the world. We hope you enjoy our this list of our absolute favourites of the last year.

African Coat In Patchwork / Patchwork Coat / African Trench Coat In Patchwork

1st on our list has to be the amazing Patchwork Trench coat. This is a fan favourite and our founders favourite. Lucas can be seen wearing this coat throughout the year, pretty much wherever he goes 😃. The patchwork in this coat is made using over 35 recycled African prints from our standard collection. We use all the offcuts we can to minimize our wastage and maximize you colour!

 African Hooded Jacket / African Winter Jacket In Monotone Black & White.                 African jacket In Monotone / African Hooded Jacket

 We are so used to bringing you the brightest and boldest prints and designs we can. We flipped the switch with this design and to be honest we were nervous how you would react. A few days after launch we realised we needn't have worried. This jacket sold out in 4 days and we have since restock. You guys loved the bold pattern and subtle colours, that show African fashion is not just about colour. A worthy entry on our list at number 2. 

African Jacket / Kente Jacket In Yellow & Orange

This hooded jacket has to be high on our list. The beautiful Kente pattern is simply amazing, with he yellow, orange and red tones and wicked pattern.

African Bomber jacket in Patchwork / Patchwork Jacket.  . Women's African jacket / Patchwork Bomber jacket

4th on the list is one of our most famous designs! The Patchwork Bomber jacket. We have literally sold thousands of these beautiful jacket. You guys love them for their colour and uniqueness. Every single one is slightly different!

African Parka In Orange Earthy Anakra / African Winter Coat

Number 5 is our amazing African Winter Parka in orange Ankara. 2 years ago we had a mission, to try and make winter as colourful as summer! The reaction to our uniques winter coat designs has been absolutely amazing, and you can see why. These coats will warm your with their colours, let alone the extra warm woollen lining that they come with!

African Winter Jacket / Hooded Jacket in Electric Red Samakaka.            African Jacket In Electric Red Samakaka / Winter jacket Made In Africa

This Samakaka print keeps making appearances on our top styles lists! It is without doubt the boldest print we stock, with the vivid colours and wild patters, you can see why this makes it in at number 6.

African Trench Coat In Brilliant Gold Blue Print / African Winter Coat                African Trench Coat In Metallic Gold / African Winter Coat

 Number 7 shows off one of our favourite ever prints, in the boldest design we have. This metallic blue gold print has been around for a while, we had it in bomber jackets a few years back. Now it is back with a vengeance in this amazing African trench coat.

 African Puffer Jacket / African Winter Jacket made In Africa.                 African Puffer jacket in Earthy Tones / African Winter Jacket Made In Africa

 Last, but certainly not least is our amazing African puffer jacket design. We caused a stir with this design. Not many people have ever seen a puffer jacket in African print before! It is hard to do, we can tell you that right now, but we definitely achieved brilliant results.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top Jackets & Coats of 2020, see more from this series and from around our blog below.

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