Our Top 8 African Dresses This Spring

Our Top 8 African Dresses This Spring

 We have so many dresses it can be overwhelming sometimes. There are just so many prints available, in so many fantastic colours that we thought its best for us to narrow down our favourites! This collection is all about capturing the heart and soul of urban African within each and every design! We hope you like them  😜

African Dress In Electric Red Samakaka.              African Dress In Wow Print 

The first two on our list are these amazing shirt dresses. On your left you have the electric red Samakaka with bold patterns. And on your right the Wow print shirt dress. These style both capture the heart and soul of Africa, and will keep a smile on your face the whole time you wear them.

African Dress In Red Samakaka

Our first venture into more dressy dresses was an amazing success. You guys absolutely loved this design, and more will be coming, real soon!

African Shirt Dress In Mud Cloth   African Dress In Mud Cloth

Both these mud cloth dresses belong on our list. We just couldn't decide between them. Mud cloth is one of the oldest fabrics known to man, and epitomises African spirit like no other fabric can. We hope you like the way we use this wonderful print.

African Dress In Black Dashiki

Patchwork Dress In African Print

Patchwork has, and always will be our favourite way to use African print. It shows off so may prints, in just one design! There is no better way to show off the African spirit than our patchwork.

African Dress In Red & Orange Print

We hope you liked our top 8 dresses to wear this spring! there are some real crackers in there! Keep an eye on our social media, more will be coming, very soon!

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