We Are A Brand With A Purpose!

Our aim is to provide full-time, well-paid and sustainable job opportunities to as many people as possible in The Gambia and West Africa...whilst making the most colourful and funky African clothing you'll ever see of course!
Taking The Gambia Global!

We capture The African Spirit In Our Clothing!
Here's How...

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Designed In The Gambia

We Bring The Tailors Our Designs
We design everything in-house in the Gambia. Then take our designs to the tailors for sampling.

Working With Them For Perfection
We work with the tailors to produce the samples. Sometimes it takes up to 10 samples before we are ready to produce.

New Designs = More opportunities
Every tailoring shop makes 1 design. This means every time we launch a new design, there's new employment opportunities.
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Sourced in The Gambia

26 Fabric Merchants
We buy from markets across the Gambia to spread our investment. The fabric merchants love it when we walk into their shops

We only shop local
We only buy from merchants who are Gambian-owned. This way we know our money is circulating into the local economy.

Fabrics from all over Africa
The Gambia may be small, but it's a West African hub. This means we get fabrics from all corners of Africa.
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Produced in The Gambia

By Over 40 Tailors
It's amazing how many people can benefit from the production of our clothing! Including apprentices, there are over 40 tailors in our team.

In 10 Tailoring Shops
We use tailoring shops across the Gambia. It's harder, but it means we can support tailors in areas that need a little help.

We Nurture & Develop Skills
Our aim is for the tailors to become completely financially independent! We offer training and support to all out tailors!
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Shot...You Guessed it...In The Gambia

On The Streets of Gambia
We now shoot all our clothing in the Gambia too. The African Spirit collection was shot on the streets of Serrekunda, Gambia's largest city.

By Emerging Gambian Talent
We searched the country for the very best Gambian creative talent! We now work with 2 amazing photographers, 1 web and graphic designer and 8 models.

We started a creative development programe
Our aim is to transfer our creative skills to the young Gambian creatives, to hopefully put Gambian creativity on the map!
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Continent Clothing has become so much more than I ever imagined! Providing over 40 people in The Gambia-one of the world's poorest nations- full-time employment will be the best thing I ever do! Personally knowing every single tailor, fabric merchant, button maker, photographer, and model makes it even more special. I am so proud to be a part of Continent Clothing, and so should you! Join Our TRIBE for updates on our project.
Lucas Barrow-Townsend

Founder/Lead Designer at Continent Clothing

Continent Clothing founder Lucas

We Take Great Pride In Our Products!

We care about how our products are made, by whom, and why. It is our responsibility to ensure the growth of the people behind our brand matches our own. So we nuture and develop talent and give our tailors the platform for a future as bright as our clothing!

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We love what we do and whom we work with. There is a story behind every product, and you deserve to know that story. That's why on every product page, you can see who made it, where they are from, and how working with Continent Clothing has helped them!

Meet The Makers

Learn How and Why We Make Our Clothing!

Our Processes

In This extended interview with My Gambia, you'll learn how, why, and who makes our clothing!

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