African Shirts

Express Yourself This Summer With Our Vivid Range Of African Shirts. Now you can buy 1 and get another for 25% Off.

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African Suit In samakaka
The African Spirit Collection Is Here!
Release Your African Spirit with our brand new collection! We've captured the heart and soul of urban Africa in each and every design. So go rock African print and have a colourful summer!
Meet Our Makers: Ousman
Meet The Maker: Adama

Adama is the boss! He's our Gambian manager, and has been working with us for 8 years now. Quite simply, without him Continent Clothing couldn't exist.
Meet Our Makers: Ousman
Meet The Maker: Omar
Watching Omar, is watching a master at work. His expertize is increidible to watch. His designs match his skills, and he only makes our most complicated pieces. 

Learn more and meet the rest of our makers here

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