Our African Stories Of The Summer.

Our African Stories Of The Summer.

Senegambia Craft Market

Senegambia Craft Market Stalls Senegambia Craft Market Entrance
Senegambia Craft market is a small market designed for tourists to visit and get some beautiful Handmade African crafts. The problem is since Covid there simply aren’t any tourists. We wanted to help! With your help and support, we have managed to help in a big way, with a couple of very small products. Our new collection of face masks and jewellery is now being made exclusively in the Market to keep the people working there afloat. It may be small bits of income, but it could prove vital in keeping them and their families afloat. 

Empowering Our Tailors

 Momadou.           Momadou New Apprentice Lahmin
You LOVE our amazing patchwork collection! So much so we never have enough. To keep up demand we have empowered one of our tailors, Momadou. Momadou has always worked out of his home, working on our collection by himself. We went to him with the suggestion he should employ people to help him increase his capacity and thus make himself more income. Now he employs 2 apprentices to help him make the patchwork, creating his very own legitimate business in the process, and giving him the opportunity of a bright bright future.

New Tailors in Our Team

Fatoumatta And Annmarie    Omar & His New Tailors
We really believe fashion has the ability to change the world in a positive way. Continent Clothing wants to boost the local economy and make a direct, immediate, and sustainable impact. Stylishly. Since March we have added 4 more tailors to our team in The Gambia. That is 4 more full-time jobs that we now provide, 4 more people now have the income to think about their futures, 4 more parents that can now send their children to school, and 12 new stylish designs that will be hitting the streets of the UK very soon.
Jewellery Maker     

A Message From Our Founder

Lucas & Adama
Hi there. I am Lucas Barrow-Townsend, founder and one of the lead designers here at Continent Clothing. As always thank you for your support, I am truly proud to have started this wonderful project that continues to add value to the lives of our tailors and their families in West Africa. This year has been challenging, but we have given more support to our African team than ever. That’s down to you. We have had our busiest year so far and bigger things are on the horizon in the coming months and through to next year. I am so excited to be moving back to the Gambia permanently. I’ll be there to make a huge new collection and double our tailoring team, thus extending our positive social impact on the communities out there. It’s time to start the second chapter of our story, and I am so happy you are here for the ride.
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Our Impact

Our Impact

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Our clothing doesnt cost the earth, and it provides a chance at a future as bright as the clothing itself for some of its poorest citizens. Learn more about our social projects on our blog.

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