Dance Away To Our Favourite African Music In Our African Clothing

Dance Away To Our Favourite African Music In Our African Clothing

Ever wonder what tunes we listen to in our shop of festival stall? Check out our favourite playlists on Spotify! Just follow the links to dance away to African music in our African clothing.

Shop Salsa - Our favourite playlist for the shop. This will have you dancing away with the eclectic mix of Salsa and African music.

Big Reggae - Of course we love Reggae! this one is a selection of our favourite Reggae dance tunes

Afro Party Anthems - This one is a MUST listen. Such great African tunes coming from some of the best African artists out there.

African Heat - turn up the heat with this playlist. Perfect for a Friday night

African Chill - From Friday night to Sunday morning. Chill out and have a lazy brunch with our fav selection of African chilled tunes

Mangaliso - Mangaliso is a brilliant artist and this playlist is all about him and artists we think are similar

Reggae - As simple as the name suggests, just some of our fav Reggae tunes.

African Groove - Wine, chill and music. Thats what this one is all about.

This list will be updated constantly, so if you love our taste keep popping back for more banging tunes!

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