Our Top African Clothing Outfits In 2020

Our Top African Clothing Outfits In 2020

Here is the big one! Our top African clothing outfits of 2020. We have had some fantastic designs this year and this list is all about celebrating ours, and your favourites! 

African Clothing Outfit / African Parka In Orange Ankara With African Boiler Suit At number 1 is this incredible outfit from January of this year. Our earthy tones African Winter Parka is teamed with the summer festival favourite, our boiler suit in red, blue and yellow Ankara. This outfit is top of our list because we love a fabric clash (when done rightly of course), and this is the best fabric clash we have ever seen

African Clothing Outfit / Patchwork Jacket With Patchwork Skirt

 Can you get more colourful than this outfit? Can you get more African than this outfit? We challenge you to find one. We love this shot from our shoot with Tash outside our old London store in Brick Lane. Its this chaotically colourful patchwork outfit at number 2.

African Clothing Outfit / Mud Cloth Dungarees & Bomber Jacket

This Mud Cloth outfit, featuring dungarees and our famous bomber jackets comes in at number 3 on our list. This outfit was for sure the outfit you guys loved most in the summer. Both these Mud Cloth designs flew out, prompting us to bring in a full Mud Cloth Collection

African Clothing Outfit / Hooded jacket with matching face mask and Africa necklace, all in electric red

This outfit epitomises 2020 for a lot of people. Our amazing hooded jackets with matching face masks were always supposed to put the smiles back on peoples faces, and that is exactly what they did, even if you couldn't see the smile behind the mask 😆

 African Clothing / African Maxi Dress In Amazing Kente.           African Clothing / African Dress in Amazing Kente

This dress launched on our website in late summer this year. You guys went absolutely crazy for it! A well deserved addition to this list.

   African Clothing / Patchwork Jacket Made In Africa.        African Jacket / Patchwork Jacket made In African / Continent Clothing

Last on our list is these amazing patchwork hooded jackets. They are two of the most popular designs we have had over the years and showcase of 30 African prints in 1 amazing jacket.

Thanks as always for reading. See more resources below and dive into out ethical African Clothing journey.

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