Ethical Fashion - Shop Sustainably - Shop Ethically

Ethical Fashion - Shop Sustainably - Shop Ethically

Continent Clothing was created to bring African ethical and sustainable fashion to the UK. 7 years on we are still fulfilling our aim and have expanded to selling globally from our website.


Ethical fashion takes into account the workers behind the brand that make the clothing possible; from button producers to the tailors making the clothing. It means good and fair wages for everyone. It means access to good working conditions. Brands have to have a purpose apart from the growth of their profits; they are responsible for the growth of the people behind the brand too.

Our Gambia manager building his own compound

We strive to be a as socially responsible as we possibly can and work on ways to improve all the time. We know every single person in our production chain. We have watched each and every one of those people grow with us over the last 7 years. Head over to meet the makers to see every one of our makers.


Environmental sustainability it also very important to us. We have pledged to use biodegradable plastics for our online shipping. All bags in our shop and at our festivals are paper. We try to limit waste in fun and funky ways by making every last off-cut into either patchwork or earrings.

Zero Waste Patchwork Coat

Next time your thinking of shopping. Have a little think. Where has this clothing come from? Who made it? What cost does this item have on the environment? Think of us and all the other amazing ethical and sustainable creative businesses out there.

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Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good!

Our clothing doesnt cost the earth, and it provides a chance at a future as bright as the clothing itself for some of its poorest citizens. Learn more about our social projects on our blog.

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