African Clothing: The Fabrics Of Albert Market

Every country, region and even tribe in Africa has its own traditions and styles of clothing they wear, from the vivid Kente's of Ghana to the truly wild Samakaka of Angola. For people in the know, this makes the markets of Africa the most interesting places to visit. You will find fabrics from all over in just one very special place. The Gambia has 2 of these amazing places. Serrekunda, and Albert Market in Banjul.

Ive been visiting Albert Market in Banjul for over 8 years. The hustle and bustle is an explosion on the senses. The smell of freshly baked Tapalapa (Gambian Bread) tickles your nostrils as the chaotic mass of people, donkey's, cars and beautiful fabrics descend on your eyes. It really is a wonderful place.

Naturally Albert Market is the first place i decided to visit now i am finally back on the Smiling Coast of Gambia. The place has not changed, it is still as wonderful as ever! What has changed however, is the sheer diversity of fabrics available. It used to be a place for beautiful West African Fabrics, now, everything you could ever want is there, just check out the pictures below, crazy right! I am like a kid in a candy store.

The biggest fabric shop in The Ganbia

Thats one way to carry African FabricFabric shop in Albert market.

Another, very important thing has changed! And that is Adama, our Gambian manager at Continent Clothing. He has become the life and soul of Banjul. When we first parked the car, 4 fabric merchants were there waiting for us, all with big smiles on their faces, hounding us into their shops. Adama expertly chose the shops we went into, then the absolute best fabrics they had to offer, and negotiated the price, there really was no need for me to be there, he's got it. Compare this to the timid young man, who knew nothing about fabrics, the place to get it, or its price 7 years ago, its amazing! His development is proof our project is working, and gives me the confidence to handle the other aspects of Continent Clothing!

Adama Shopping For Fabrics

 Check out some of the fabrics in the pictures in this short post. Some of these amazing materials will be coming to the UK very soon in some of the best designs we have ever made! This year we are aiming to change the African clothing GAME!

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