African Clothing, New Tailors, New Designs, Bigger Mission

We're back out in The Gambia full time and we could be happier. It was a long a stressful process getting here as you can imagine with the current restrictions, but we got here and now our government mandated test and quarantine is over, we can get to work!

We have been free from the quarantine for 2 days now and we already have some exciting news. We have a new tailor on our team, Snookie, he’s an outgoing dude from Sukuta in The Gambia, and has an obvious eye fort detail straight from the off. We look forward to making this relationship blossom with colour!


African Clothing New Tailor: Snookie

Thats not all though, in the 2 days we have been free, we have picked up over 200 new pieces, from our ever popular hooded jackets, to new dresses, bomber jackets, and shorts. The new stuff looks fantastic, and we know you will love it!

We are out here permanently this time, and we think it will be a busy busy time. 7 new summer designs, and 4 new winter one have already been sampled, now that is quick progress. We will be picking up over 4000 metres of fabric on Monday, and even more the week after that, exciting stuff, and even more to come, so stay safe, and when you guys are all free again, you’ll have plenty more African designs to express yourself with!

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