African Festival Cloithing

We Design the Clothes, We Select Fabrics. We Find Tailors. They Make Clothes. You Wear Them. Their Children Get Educated. You Get Noticed.                                                                                                                                 

Continent Clothing brings you the very best in street style and festival-wear created using vibrant and geometric traditional African Wax Print fabrics.

Feel good in our African clothing... Knowing that every purchase directly helps to improve the lives of others in West Africa.

What We Stand ForAll our clothing is designed by us and made in The Gambia with fabrics sourced from merchants across West Africa. Our aim is to provide full time and sustainable employment to as many people as possible in West Africa. We work on a micro scale and work directly with local Gambian tailors, seamstresses and fabric merchants in Ghana, Senegal and Cote Du Voir.



We takwhat we stand fore great pride in our products, for how they are made, by whom and why. Our socially responsible projects employ over 60 people in West Africa to earn a good living, send their children to school or to pay for health care and other necessities. We actively try to minimise our impact on the environment too. All our packaging is recycled and plastic free. Many of our jewellery products minimise waste by using the waste material from our clothing collection. Working towards a zero waste business is extremely important to us and we will continue to try to achieve this.

We love what we do and whom we work with. We shout about it all the time. Just read our product names…. They’re all named after the tailor who produced them. Ethical clothing, for us, is all about transparency. Much more on this can be found on our website and social media channels.

A message from our founder.

Hi there. I wanted to personally thank you for your support. When I started Continent Clothing 8 years ago I had no idea the response It would get. It amazes me every day to see the orders coming in and the places we end up sending to. Your support has value far beyond the cost of the item of clothing. It helps send the children of the tailors and fabric merchants to school. It enables our tailors to feed their families. It has given our tailors the money to think of the next generation; collectively they have employed 44 apprentices since working with us. It contributes to the building of homes, shop extensions and water pumps. So a huge thank you goes out to you. Thanks and the warmest regards Lucas Barrow-Townsend. Founder and lead designer of Continent Clothing

Lucas Barrow-Townsend, Founder & One Of Lead Designers

sukuta school

4 of our tailors daughters go to this Kotukalla School. As with many African schools, they struggle to stay afloat and keep educating their students. A few years ago they were in a dire situation, and were looking like they would have to close. Our tailors stepped in managed to save the closure, with a little extra help from us too.

This would never have been possible without the income they earned from Continent Clothing. This is such a lovely story of Empowering The Communities we work in, the full story can be found on our blog and social media channels.

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