Our Top 8 African Shirts Of 2020

Our African shirts come in all shapes, sizes and of course, colours! In fact we have a huge collection of over 70 different fabrics to choose from. We thought we would make it easier for you and give you a list of our absolute favourites!

          African Shirt In PatchworkWomen's African Shirt in Patchwork

1st on our list is our amazing oversized African shirt in patchwork. These shirts are big, bold and beautiful. You get over 30 prints in 1 shirt with our patchwork designs. We recycle the offcuts from our normal collection, making them not only by far our most colourful option, but also a very environmentally friendly one too.


African Shirt / Kente Shirt In Amazing Blue Yellow Print


2nd has to be think funky blue Kente number. The vivid colours and wicked pattern make this one stand out for us.

African Shirt in Electric red Samakaka
At 3 we have this electric red pullover shirt in Samakaka print. Samkakaka is famous for its wild geometrics and vivid colours. It comes from Angola, and the people there absolutely love it.
       African Shirt In PatchworkDashiki Shirt / African Shirt In Brown Dashiki Print
At 4 and 5 we have these amazing fully buttoned shirts in patchwork and Dashiki. Our shirts are always simple, comfy and colour, and these two are no different. We think we should all start wearing more colour and culture to work, and the brave ones amongst you, who have purchased these for work have come back with nothing but praise!
African shirt in Rasta print
The Gambians call this print, tourist fabric! Its not traditional, but the tourists love it anyway. This reminds us of our Rasta family in Jamaica and Ethiopia with its wicked black, red, green and yellow African tones. A worthy entry at number 6.
African shirt in Crazy Orange Kente Print
At number 7 we have this amazing Kente shirt in orange and yellow print. This shirt is a summer favourite, with it being worn up and down the country this year.
African Shirts in Gold Ankara Prints
Last, and certainly not least are these beautiful Ankara shirts in gold prints. We are famous for our use of Gold Aankara, we love it. We love having beautiful Anakara made even better with flashes of metallic gold.
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