New Ethical & Sustainable Projects

At Continent Clothing, we take the environment seriously. We also take communities seriously. We have taken it upon ourselves to do something about this... So we have started a couple of brand new ethical and sustainable projects. We are both managing and funding these projects and they will have exactly the same ethos as Continent Clothing itself.

Introducing Zero Waste Gambia!

Ethical Clothing / Ethical Accessories with Zero Waste Gambia
We have been committed to reducing our carbon footprint for a long time, through initiatives like our eco delivery, and our use of only biodegradable packaging. Now we are excited to announce we are starting a brand new project out in The Gambia.

Zero Waste Gambia will actually take out pollutants from the environment, both in the natural world and in local communities, and empower the locals to turn those pollutants into sellable products and useful necessities for everyday life. We will do this through a series of brilliant community engagement projects, and working with local schools and community leaders. We aim to set up recycling points across the Gambia and teach the locals the value of recycling, whilst employing them, with all the proceeds raised being pumped into expanding the project, and therefore create more jobs and clean up their environment... how cool is that!

Everyone can make a difference in our fight against climate change, and we have chosen our battle. Let's make the Gambia, and the world green!


Introducing Growing Green Communities 

 Growing Green Communities / Promoting sustainability in communities around the world

Growing Green Communities is an inspiring place where you can share, connect and learn from environmentally-conscious people. 👭👬🌍

We do this by providing an online platform, and organising sustainable markets and environmental workshops in communities around the world. ♻️

We just hosted our first event in Bangkok, Thailand and it was an incredible success. 🙌 We planted positivity, green growth and inspired the next generation of eco warriors. 💪

We are so excited to announce our second event will be held in The Gambia, Africa early next year. Watch this space. 😉

More from these projects in the coming months! You will be seeing us clean up communities in the Gambia real soon.


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