Express Yourself In African Print


2021 has only just started, and we are already buzzing with new ideas for collections, excited at new projects happening this year, and cannot wait to get back out to Gambia and choose the new fabrics that will be hitting your wardrobes in the next few weeks and months!

Every year since we began, Continent Clothing has been expressing ourself with the colour, culture, vibrancy and wildness of Africa. We show off super funky designs in the most amazing traditional prints we can find! This year we are taking it to the next level!

Check out our sneak preview of some of the things to come in 2021!

African Clothing - African Print Patchwork Dungarees  Patchwork Dungarees Made From Over 30 African Prints...All Recycled! 


African Clothing - African Print Military Coat

This yea we want to challenge what was previously thought possible with African print! This African Military Parka will be landing on our website in over 30 colours in the next couple of months! This coat is SERIOUS, seriously awesome! It is by far the most complicated design we have produced, and have entrusted Omar in Sukuta to make this masterpiece. 


African Clothing - African Trench Coat In Orange This year we will be bringing you trench coat style puffer jackets. These will be warm enough for any of you living in the coldest places, and colourful enough for you to still be expressing yourself the way you want to!

African Clothing - Samakaka Dress African Clothing - Samakaka Dress

African Clothing - Samakaka Hoodie

This year expect much much more Samakaka! We started using this print in 2020 and you guys absolutely loved it! This print will be a big feature of the early 2021 collection, so keep your eye out!

African Clothing - Smile All Round

Some things don't change! You can expect smiles throughout the year. You can look forward to our normal dose of colour and culture, and you can join us in expressing yourself with African Print!

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